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food allergies and rashesa

Updated Tuesday, August 11, 2015
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Off the topic of Real Estate I have been unwell for two  years. I have a rash on my hands and everything I eat goes right through me. I have always been lactose intolerant but could eat cheese with a lactaid tablet. I recently saw a naturopath who advised me to avoid 8 different foods. Not forever but in the short term to allow the stomach and bowel to heal then slowly add them back in , watch what the reaction is to eliminate the offenders. She started me on Amino Acid on an empty stomach every morning followed by breakfast then probiotics. Eat clean so whole foods, no preservatives, no corn, no pre-packaged foods, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, chicken, beef and pork with salt and pepper and oil only, salad dressing with vinegars and oils only. Within 3 days all my symptoms disappeared! I did see my GP who did blood tests and fecal samples that all came back clear prior to seeing the naturopath. I feel so alive now that I've followed this advice. Most mornings I make a smoothie with protein vegan powder, fruit, kale and ice with almond millk followed by natural peanut butter on celery, then roasted chicken breast (no spices) on a salad or roasted chicken with celery, onion, mayonaisse (if you tolerate soya) (pc mayonaisse is the best) on a lettuce leaf, hummus with Mary's crackers (if soya is okay) then dinner of fish with salt and pepper, oil, potatoes, salad with oil and vinegar dressing and steamed vegetables.

I have so many recipes to share with those who are intolerant. Bone broth like our Grandmothers made with no  preservatives or additives so soups to die for and easy to make, brown rice  pasta recipes, sorbet with no sugar, links to markets that cater to our needs.

Please feel free to pick my brain,


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